Friday, January 26, 2007

Where is the love people?

So apparently Capital Prospect has no love for the rest of us bloggers. Okay, no biggie. Believe me, we here at the GCF have been hit with much, much worse than that. And hey, you gotta feel for a guy (or gal?) who has been doing this for a while and is apparently getting his toes stepped on by us newbies. Or maybe you don't. Whatever.

What I take issue with is the idea that we (this site in particular, and the blogging community in general) are doing this to get some sort of free ride. Listen, I coughed up my $600 bucks to I could take my girlfriend to see 11 games this year. My brother and father slapped their money down to support the team as well. We are Capitals FANS first and foremost. None of us had any expectation to be invited to the press box, or to the locker room, or to any superswanky Gilbert Arenas style parties.

Here's something that may be hard to understand. We don't WANT to go to the press box. The press area represents the polar opposite of what we love about sports. You're expected to be quiet, objectively report on what you see, and eat a lot of free food (well, okay, maybe I'd dig that one). It's worse than watching the game on TV, where at least you can scream at the screen and throw things.

We go to Caps games to be loud and boisterous, to debate the merits of one player over another, to shout our opinions to the entire arena, whether other fans want to hear 'em or not. We go to be FANS. And blogging, to me, is just an extension of that. It's just taking the same conversations about how much player x sucks or how Eric Fehr should be up with the team or how Sidney Crosby is thirsty all the time and putting them out there for discussion.

We do this because we love hockey, and we love the Caps. If someone has a problem with that, well, screw 'em.

There was no need to turn such a positive thing (so many Caps fans getting INVOLVED with the team) into a negative. So thanks for taking a big dump on all of us, Capital Prospect. We love you too.

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Capital Fanatic said...

Yea he needs to get over it. The Caps need all the fans and publicity they can get right now.