Friday, January 12, 2007

His middle name is Gretzky

Man, I think I'm developing a serious man crush on Donald Brashear. When was the last time you saw an enforcer thread a two line pass through 3 opposing players and right on the stick of a teammate for a breakaway?

If you said anything other than never, you're a liar.

Also, Sasha Semin has really good balance. You don't often see a guy fake a shot, stickhandle, and snipe a goal all on one leg.

Also, I wish I'd had the guts to predict Clymer's goal yesterday. I had a feeling he'd pot one against his old team, but I wussed out on calling the shot.

Unfortunately, you don't get points in the standings for style. Caps fall to Tampa, 5-4. Next game is tomorrow night in Miami against the KittyCats.

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