Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This just might work...

News from Tarik that the Caps will play Big Donnie Brashear on the second line tonight against Ottawa, alongside Semin and Beech. It's an interesting move, and if it doesn't click immediately will probably be short lived, but I think it's a great shakeup. Brashear doesn't have great speed, but most power forwards don't. He is an underrated passer, and an absolute terror forechecking in the offensive end. And as for his physical play, well, you already know all about that. He will certainly cause some offensive zone turnovers (or at minimum some VERY jittery defensemen), which should see Semin and Don't Call Me Dead Meat Beech get some more bang-bang play opportunities.

This reminds me of another Caps big man getting an opportunity for more minutes when he was traded here from Colorado. His name: Chris Simon. And while Simon had more in the way of footspeed and offensive skill, he was nowhere near the physical presence that Big Donnie is. Simon had his most productive years playing the power forward role in DC (until a shoulder injury severely downgraded his physical play and hence his overall effectiveness).

So here's to hoping that Big Donnie does well in his role, and gets lots more ice time to go with it. At this stage in his career, there's no way you can say he hasn't earned it.

Brashear's beatdown of the Ottawa Fat Cat Legislators starts at 7:30 tonight.

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