Friday, January 19, 2007

Game recap by the Deuce

Grumpy Caps Fan 2 takes over last nights game recap. I was on the injured list (day-to-day, girlfriend duties).

Semin would not be stopped last night. In fact, the one time Grahame made a glove save on him, it just pissed him off and on the next breakaway he fired another wrister IN THE SAME CORNER for a sweet goal (Even though jackass Grahame claims Semin only scored because he "slipped."

To quote Dennis Green, Boyd Gordon "[was] who we thought he [was]…HE [WAS] WHO WE THOUGHT HE [WAS]…OKAY?!" In other words, he worked his butt of, played great, had three or four TERRIFIC scoring opportunities . . . and . . . finished the night with . . . one second assist on Chris Clark's empty net goal. How do you spell "Backstrom?" (GC1 edit: I think you just did).

I think Olie decided before the game "There's no F-ing way we're losing this one tonight." He was unreal. Once again, without him, we lose that game 7-3.

Chris Clark, ex-Golden Knight, officially has a golden horeshoe up his ass right now. Two goals, neither of which would have been goals without the gracious assistance of Carolina players.

Brian Sutherby couldn't win a faceoff if his life depended on it. (Edit: But he can take a chin check from anyone, anytime)

Schultz didn't look TOO out of place in the limited action he saw out there. Except one time, when the Carolina forward put a move on him and he fell down again trying to pivot. He should be okay in a year or two. Once he adds 50 pounds.

I would just close by saying that Alexander Semin is now officially Russian Machine, version 2.0 (except, unlike the original, he breaks down occasionally). Just imagine what he would do with a real center who could actually set him up for some easy goals! As is, they are ALL unbelievable individual efforts (even though you gotta give kudos to the Donald for his sweet (blind?) pass to spring Semin on the breakaway for his second goal. (Edit: That's 2 fantastic passes by Big Donnie in this road swing. You think he's stepping up in response to the additional ice time?)


My only addition to the recap is that it's nice to see the Caps finally score one on the power play (and not waste any time doing it).

I'm not so sure I like Sasha Semin getting the same nickname as Ovechkin, so we'll be taking submissions for a new one for him. Post your ideas in the comments section or send to wrldeatr at aol dot com. Best submission wins, well, credit and a post in this blog.


Hockey Amor said...

Magic Semin

3 Grumpy Caps fans said...

Yikes... maybe a bit porn star, but we'll keep it in mind.