Thursday, January 11, 2007

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Caps programming

Tonight the Caps take on the Light Breeze at the St. Pete Times Forum in, well, wherever the heck the St. Pete Times forum is. The Caps roll in having won their last 3 games, and need a strong showing against the Breeze in order to maintain their momentum. Meanwhile, Tampa has won their last two against the Flightless Devilbirds, and are playing strong all around hockey.

To win this game, the Caps are going to need to put one in on Marc Denis early. They haven't had much success against him, and overcoming that mental block will probably be the deciding factor. The Caps also need to come out MUCH stronger in the defensive end than they played against Philly. It's one thing to surrender a ton of pressure to the league's leaders in suckitude. It's entirely different to do so against a team with as much firepower as Tampa. Mike Green is going to have to step up his game tonight, because he's the only one that has the wheels to keep up with Martin "Don't call me Mini-me" St. Louis. If Green makes a conscious effort to play strong in the Caps end, even at the detriment of his offensive game, I think the Caps take this one. If not, our chances aren't nearly as good.

Also, lets see if the Caps have a solid gameplan for dealing with the odd 3 wide offensive alignment Vinnie Lecavalier used so effectively last game. Lets hope they do, because they're toast if they don't.

Game time is 7:30. Set your TiVos accordingly, 'cause this is going to be a good one.

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