Friday, January 26, 2007

Slow day in hockeyland

Since there's not a heck of a lot of hockey news today, I figured I'd break out my 3rd grade art skills and throw together a mockup of the color scheme I'd like the Caps to have:

I know, I know, I was always bad at coloring inside the lines.

I like this color scheme because it keeps the traditional red, white and blue of the franchise, but is a little more bold than the old red/white combo. For a crest, I'd like to either slap the old school logo or something like the following, which I have nowhere near the artistic ability to pull off, so I'm just going to describe. The logo would be a large eagle holding 1940s style shield (red horizontal top with blue and white vertical striping below) with the Capitol dome at top of shield, family crest style.

It would incorporate elements of DC (Capitol Dome) and our status as the nation's capitol (eagle and shield). It also ever so slightly resembles the Russian national team jerseys (as a nod to the Alexes). We all know how the Russian Machine gets when he's got his national pride thing going.

Anyone with actual artistic talent that wants to take a crack at the design, feel free to do so and shoot the image to me in an e-mail.

Also, I think I made myself a little sick looking at that photo of Crosby for so long. Ugh.


Netsrak said...

Too much adjacent red and blue makes people's eyeballs vibrate. This is why on both the old red Caps jerseys and the Russian national jerseys, white is used to offset the clash of red and blue. (Notice on the Russian jerseys, for instance, that the red and blue areas are separated with white stripes.)

But my main criticism of your design is simply the odiousness of seeing Sidney Crosby in a Caps jersey. ;)

Still, you did a decent job for a third grader! :P

3 Grumpy Caps fans said...

Eyeballs vibrate, eh? Maybe we can just have Kolzig wear one then, to mess with the shooters' eyes.

Yeah, my art teacher would have been proud. Or at least not failed me AGAIN.