Thursday, January 25, 2007

Player poll reveals what we all already know

Alex Ovechkin is the most dangerous goal scorer in the league, according to a poll of current NHL players. He also finished 3rd in the "player to start a franchise with" poll.

I wonder, with the calendar as unbalanced as it is, whether East players got to vote for guys in the West and vice-versa. Seeing as they only get one glimpse of players from the opposite conference, would ESPN have been better suited splitting the poll into East and West and having guys only vote in their conference? I would venture to say yes.



good year

nacho30 said...

plz can i contact you alex! talk or somthin i watched the all star game from the rink i have cancer and im goin to die in 19 to 15 months so plz come threw im only 9 years old
from nacho30