Thursday, March 22, 2007

Someone shoot me...

Would it be too much to ask for the Donald to pummel Briere to "congratulate" him on his 30th goal of the season?

God I hate the Sabres.

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the deuce said...

But the Sabres looked awfully good last night. And it's good that they beat us so effortlessly. It gives GMGM a measuring stick to see what we're up against. The Sabres were a faster, better passing, and, as Hanlon admitted after the game, "more skilled" team. Only OV and Semin seemed able to keep up. Our D looked like they were stuck in molasses (especially Eminger, who got beat looking down at the puck like a mite). On the bright side, Semin continued to dazzle and make brilliant plays. OV just can't get anything going playing with Novotny and Giroux. But on the bright side, Brashear beat the absolute piss out of Peters, and got us a powerplay out of it. Good times. (We'll just ignore the fact that our "power" play is so brutal right now, I just use Tivo to fast forward right on by. In fact, at one point, I think I fast forwarded through an entire 2 minute PP without seeing us once enter the Buffalo zone!)