Tuesday, March 13, 2007

5 back of the lead

In a bit of positive news, Alex Ovechkin has rediscovered his scoring touch, and now sits tied for 3rd overall in the league in goals scored. Second place is well within reach, but it might be too much to ask Alex to make up a 5 goal differential with Vinnie Lecavalier with so few games remaining. Then again, if he keeps getting time on both special teams units, you never know...

After their loss to the Thrashers, the Caps sit fourth from the bottom of the league. They may move to third before their next game if Phoenix wins their game in hand. An unfortunate as it may be, this season is now all about draft position.

On the bright side, there have been many public assurances by big poppa Ted and George McPhee that this offseason will bring an influx of talent. The Caps need a true number one defenseman, which I touched on in this post a while back. Since then, the center position has (rightfully) overtaken defense in terms of talent needed due to the departure of Zubrus. And while Tarik is convinced the Caps crosshairs are squarely targeted on Pavel Datsyuk, I'm hoping for Gomez or Drury. Both would significantly improve the first line, both are effective passers, and both are capable of assuming a position of leadership in the locker room. Stanley Cup rings tend to keep other players' attention. Both also have a history of coming up big in the playoffs, while Datsyuk hasn't.

If the team wants to make any kind of serious postseason run next year, they still have to have a star defenseman. Period. Their young defensive corps still lacks a clear cut leader, a guy capable of being accountable for the defense as a whole. Lets hope they go out and get one.

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