Friday, March 30, 2007

Deuling previews

The Deuce shot me a game day preview because I didn't have one up just yet, so we're running both. So have it your way (I'll even give him top billing this time).

From the Deuce:
Well, since Grumpy One is obviously sleeping in today, and most blog readers have finished their morning coffee and may actually be doing some work, the Deuce thought he would chime in with his own take on todays matchup. Since the usual stuff has probably been said by now, the Deuce thought he would try a different take. So without further ado, here are my questions of the day:

Will Caps' management continue to pillage goals from Sascha Semin and gift-wrap them for Chris Clark in an effort to make him a 30-goal scorer. The Grumpy Fans love Clarkson's Captain Clark, but come on, he could've gotten 30 without getting credit for this and this . Either Semin has a big contract bonus for getting 40 that the Caps don't want to pay, or Clark gets no bonus whatsoever for getting 30. Maybe both. Even Benenati had to say, "I'll keep my mouth shut" when someone told him during the Habs game that they were reviewing Semin's goal to see if it touched Clark.

OV needs a major explosion to get 50 now. And as much as I hope it happens, I just don't see Novotny and whoever is playing on the right wing getting it done for him.But you never know.

Can the Donald bounce back from a subpar performance in Tuesday's bout with Laraque (it was subpar for both of them, but hey...)

Will we see the Olli Jokinen of the first two games of the season vs. the Caps (0 pts, -4 +/- rating) or of the last four (3G, 3A, 5pts, +4). Here's hoping it's the latter, although Olli the imposter (there can be only one) does have FOURTEEN POINTS in his last SIX GAMES.Yes, you read that correctly!His six point game against the Isles helped... (sidenote - for those who complain about bad Capitals personnel decisions, how does this trade stack up -- June 24, 2000 - New York Islanders trade Olli Jokinen and Roberto Luongo to the Florida Panthers for Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha. Ouch.)

Will Kris Frikkin' Beech blow two more goal mouth tap-ins this game (All signs point to -- YES.)

And finally, and most importantly, will the Capitals move up in the all important reverse standings and improve their draft position.If only the damned Blackhawks or Coyotes would win a game or two.Grrrr......

And now here's mine:
Tonight, the Caps take on the nearly out of contention Florida Panthers. Although mathematically still alive, the Kittycats have 4 teams to leapfrog for the 8th spot and no games in hand on any of them. So it's fairly safe to say they're probably making tee time reservations instead of flight reservations. Nevertheless, this looks to be a troublesome game for the Caps, if only because the Kittycats have had our number to the tune of 3-8-3 over the last two years.

You read that correctly. Only 3 wins against the perennial cellar dwellers in two seasons.

The kitties have been riding the play of 100 year old goaltender Ed "I'll give you a million dollars to forget about my speeding ticket and drunk driving" Belfour, who, despite all claims to the contrary, is NOT a mummy. They have also gotten great play from Olli "Yes, I am exactly the type of center the Caps desperately need" Jokinen. The Caps should definitely try to trade for Jokinen, if only because they're dealing with a franchise insane enough to deal the heir apparent to Brodeur's throne as king of all goaltenders for a no-character power forward with a bad back (who they gave up on not even a full season later). I'm just saying, it might be worth making a call or two, just to see.

The Caps come into the game 4th from last in the league, only two points out of the 2nd overall draft pick (unless the league cheats and gives it to the Penguins again for no apparent reason). Nevertheless, our boys will come to play tonight, looking to avenge the ugly series of losses the Caps endured at the hands of Florida this year. Captain Clark sits one goal off from his first ever 30 goal campaign, Alexander Semin is 2 off from 40, and The Russian Machine still has a (very) outside chance at 50 goals. I fully expect Semin to continue his domination of Southeast Division opponents (21G, 16A) and grab at least a goal and a helper. Hopefully we'll see Hanlon open up the, defensive system a bit more in order to get the boys to their milestones. But I wouldn't bet the farm on it.


the deuce said...

Wasn't it a billion dollars Belfour offered? Bettman no longer needs to cheat for the Pens, they got their arena deal and are now a playoff team, having clinched thanks, (in part) to his phone call to the officials before Tuesday night's debacle. The Cheater Draft will still go down as his crowning jewel though. He took notes from Stern's frozen envelope Knicks' draft on that one! Did you know on's Crosby/Gretzky comparison, they actually have the gall to say that "every team [had] the same opportunity, and the draft lottery unfolded on live TV." Revisionist history at its best. Actually, it was a "weighted lottery," meaning the Penguins' three balls weighed less than everyone else's so theirs would fly up the chute first! (sidenote, did you know the SABRES allegedly had just as good a chance of landing Crosby?! Imagine THAT!)

the duece said...

also, I forgot to mention the draft lotter did not "unfold on live TV." They magically pulled out the Penguins' ball behind the stage, and merely "announced" the winners in reverse order on live TV. Cheater, cheater, pumkin eater.

Rod R. Ego said...

Hey Grumpy One, the Deuce's comments and analysis are way better than come he doesn't write for this blog more often. He's the best.

3 Grumpy Caps fans said...


Because he's an ass.