Monday, March 5, 2007

How did it come to this?

Did you ever think, EVER, that the Caps would be at a point where we'd really miss losing Kris Beech to injury?

Me neither.

With the Caps selling at the deadline and with the playoffs now well out of hand, it's time to start looking at the Caps draft position. Assuming the ping pong balls don't alter the draft order to give Pittsburgh the number one pick even though they're going to make the playoffs, the Caps currently hold the 6th position in the draft. That said, they're only 3 points out of the 3rd position.

It's unlikely they'll "catch" LA and Philly for the number one pick overall, but a top 3 pick is certainly not out of the question given the rash of injuries to an already depleted lineup. And while it's certainly not a given that the Caps will hold the pick instead of packaging it in a trade, it's time to start checking out prospects.

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