Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Call me crazy...

but am I the only one that think starting Olie tomorrow is not in the best interests of the Caps? He's been out much longer than was initially expected, which leads me to believe that the injury was worse than reported. The Capitals are out of the playoff race, so the team doesn't need Olie to try to secure a couple extra points.

I understand Kolzig's desire to get back on the ice. And while I don't think Brent Johnson played especially poorly during his stretch as a starter, nobody would debate that Olie is a major upgrade between the pipes. I also understand that he's a leader on the team, one of the few remaining veterans who leads by example. He wants to show his teammates he's committed to playing for them even though the playoffs are well out of reach.

Therein lies the crux of the problem. We know Olie is willing and capable of playing. But will he be at 100%? Will the damage to his knee have healed completely? I doubt that it has. And if he suffers another, perhaps more serious injury while rushing back to play, will anyone think that a couple points in the standing this year were worth it?

Notice I'm NOT making the argument that Kolzig should sit so the Capitals can secure a better draft position. While it might be better in the long run, it would be a disservice to the fans and the team not to play a fully healthy Kolzig. I just don't think you can pronounce the man fully healed after a couple shooting sessions and a single practice.


Update: Japer's Rink has a counterpoint up. Check it out. And I am NOT Bill Frist, dagnabbit!


Rob said...

Brad Johnson???? that is the problem, we have a quarterback in goal!!!! Just messing with ya, I totally agree, Olie needs to just take the rest of the season off.

3 Grumpy Caps fans said...

And a 500 year old QB, to boot! His knees might crumple into dust if he ever tried to drop into a butterfly!

Anonymous said...

3 Grumpy, could you e-mail me at when you have a chance? Thanks!

- Empty Maybe