Saturday, December 30, 2006

That's the last time

I ever write something nice about a free-agent-to-be that I think the Caps should sign. Scott Gomez, you owe me for this one. So just make it easy on all of us and sign here in the offseason.

The Caps played fairly well considering the plague is sweeping through their ranks, but lost again to the Devils last night, 4-3. A late rally including a last minute goal by Alexander Semin couldn't quite pull the Caps even. As I've said before, with a young (and getting younger by the minute) team you want to see the kind of effort and determination the Caps showed regardless of whether they could cap off the comeback.

Kudos to Lawrence Nycholat for scoring his first NHL goal. People who never play sports at a highly competitive level tend to overlook moments like his last night, but if you realize just how incredibly difficult it is to reach the top professional league in the world, and how rare it is for a player to realize that dream, you get an inkling of what last night must have felt like for him.

The Capitals are 0-4 in their murderous 5 day, four game trip. Hopefully they (and half the Hershey Bears roster) can steal 2 points tonight against the Rangers.

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