Sunday, December 24, 2006

Caps sap Maple Leafs 3-2

The Capitals scored 3 goals on three stellar offensive plays, two set up by Alexander Semin (1, 2) and one from Dainus Zubrus. Two goals from Mats Sundin, one on a debatable penalty shot call, kept the Maple Saps in the game until the very end.

I would complain about the way officials always seem to come up with some suspect calls in Toronto, but seeing as the Caps were given ample power play opportunities and scored all three goals with the man advantage, we'll let this one slide.

The Capitals were able to grind through the third period and get 2 points on the road, and are now 1-1-0 in their murderous 7 game stretch. It's going to be important for the Alexes to continue their strong individual offense play as they work through the next five games, as even young legs will be leaden by the 7th game, and will likely need more of the kind of creativity exhibited tonight to win. One matter of concern was the Capitals inability to finish on their extended 5 on 3 late in the game, which could have put the game out of reach.

Kudos for the night go to Brian Sutherby, who took an absolute BOMB in a fight with Darcy Tucker but stayed on his feet and managed to land a few strong shots of his own. If Sudsy were to have gone down after the haymaker, the momentum would have swung completely in the Leafs favor. Instead, he muffled a potential rally with his granite chin.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. And thanks to the Caps for the early gift.

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