Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Daniel Briere shows his true colors

and apparently they're yellow (and I don't mean Buffaslug yellow). Instead of trying to exact retribution through physical play or trying to pile on the offense, Briere showed what a classless piece of trash he is by attempting to spear Alex Ovechkin in the, ahem, lower region. Ovechkin showed his strength of character by not killing Briere on the spot. At the whistle, Ovechkin challenged the coward to a fight, which, of course Briere chickened out of. AO later scored on a wicked shot from just inside the blueline to an ovation of boos from the crowd.

Yet again, the gutless NHL referees "didn't see the play," which makes you wonder why, besides slowing the game to a crawl, they actually show up. First and foremost, it is the responsibility of the referees to make sure that they keep the game under control and prevent cheap shots that endanger the health of the players on the ice. And they failed. Spectacularly. Again. I doubt the league will do anything to discipline Briere, since the Sabres resurgence has been too cute a story to ruin by suspending one of their star players for being a cheapshot piece of trash.

Oh, and the Caps lost the game, undone by allowing the Sabres six goals on their first nine shots. Brent Johnson got the early hook, and the Caps pressed to make the game competitive, scoring a goal late in the first and two more down the stretch.

Next game is tonight at the V against les Canadiens de Montréal.

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