Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Gas Tank Reads E... Is That Bad?

Thank goodness the Caps have today off. You could plainly see last night the effects of so many games in such a short stretch. Generally simple tasks such as taking a line change on time or moving the center in position to deflect 2 line pass attempts looked achingly difficult, and often resulted in strong scoring chances for the Habs. The defense looked spread too wide, another result of the legs not keeping up with the mind. And you know Ovechkin is exhausted when he only manages one shot through two periods of play. The result: a 4-1 loss to Montreal.

The Caps get a well-deserved day off before the bus ride up to hell, er... New Jersey to face the Devils, then board the bus for a quick 15 minute hop to MSG against the Rangers. We're all clear on what not to do tomorrow, right? Good.

And Glen, if you can hear me out there, take it easy on the boys today. Maybe even a voluntary practice? Before someone's legs fall off?

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