Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Vets speak

The Deuce and Original 6 (my older brother and father) have been lighting up my email box today with reaction to the Zubrus trade, so I figured I'd share their wisdom with all 5 of my readers. Without further ado, it's Grumpy Caps Fans - Old Timers' Edition:

From: The Deuce

I like the deal. We get a 23 year old six foot two center/winger (right
handed) for a 32 year old six foot one center/winger. So the kid is not a "natural goal scorer." Neither was Zubrus. Plus a first round draft pick (even though it may be the last pick of the first round). We get younger, stockpile more picks, and, if we really, REALLY want to, we can resign Zubie in the offseason (no way Buffalo can do it -- they've got two centers named Drury and Danielle who'll want to get PAID)!

Response from Original 6:

Jiri Novotny. Another 1st rounder! The Caps keep praying that a few of their young 1st rounders will turn out to be decent NHLers! Can we wait that long?

The Deuce:

Yes. Novotny is an NHL ready player now. He's played 50 games this year for buffalo, which means he could have played in every game for us.
Plus he's only 23. He'll be a decent third-line center (read: cheap replacement for Zubrus) next year. I am very confident the Caps will sign a big name center this summer. The way McPhee has been talking in his interviews, he'd better back it up, or else the fans will riot.

Original 6:

With Backstrom and Novotny (the jury is still out with him as far as I am concerned even though he played with Buffalo - only 6 goals and 7 assists this year) we will have 2nd and 3rd line centers. Backstrom will need a year or two to become a first line center. My concern is that we have traded 2 of our few veterans. In order to make it to the highest levels a team has to have a blend of young players and veterans.
Where are those veterans on the Caps now?

I'm glad that you are confident that they will sign a first line veteran center over the summer. They have only once made a big deal like that and you know how that worked out. Aren't we still paying some of Jagr's salary?

The Deuce:

Yes. And Teddy will never, EVER make that mistake again. They will not look for pure talent. They will look for leadership and talent. See, Drury, Chris; Smyth, Ryan; Gomez, Scott just to name a few upcoming UFAs. Those guys are no Jaromir Jagrs. Plus, in todays NHL, Ovechkin and Semin are now cagey veteran graybeards!

So there you have it folks... feel free to share your opinions on the trade in the comments section.


Original Six said...

Ovechkin and Semin are not cagey veteran greybeards yet. You need several players who have been in the league for 5-10 years and been through ups and downs, winning and losing, who know what it takes to win, especially in the playoffs!

The Deuce said...

Blah blah blah. Derek, do you hear something. All I can hear is Grrrrr....grumble grumble grumble....30 years......complain complain. Grumble angry grumble bitter grumble.

Here is my response:
Scott Gomez: NHL seasons: 6. Stanley Cups: 2.
Calder Trophy winner
Assets - Possesses Gretzky-like vision and passing skills. Also features terrific speed and a feisty attitude.
Flaws - Needs talented scorers on his line in order to maximize his talents (which he would DEFINITELY have in DC). Doesn't play a physical game, and lacks the strength to dominate.
Career potential First line center.

Chris Drury: NHL seasons: 7 Stanley Cups: 1 Concussions: 2 Calder Trophy winner Other Honors and Awards:
2001-02 Olympic Silver Medal (2002-USA)
2000-01 Stanley Cup (Colorado)
1998-99 NHL - Calder Memorial Trophy (Rookie of the Year)
1998-99 NHL - All-Rookie Team
1997-98 Hobey Baker Memorial Award (Top U.S. Collegiate Player)
1997-98 NCAA - East First All-American Team
1997-98 HE - Player of the Year
1997-98 HE - Best Defensive Forward
1997-98 HE - First All-Star Team
1996-97 NCAA - East First All-American Team
1996-97 NCAA - Championship All-Tournament Team
1996-97 HE - Player of the Year
1996-97 HE - Second All-Star Team
1995-96 NCAA - East Second All-American Team
1995-96 HE - Second All-Star Team
Little League Word Series Champion

Assets - Has excellent speed and deception. Is a terrific one-on-one player. Possesses a heavy, accurate shot. Scores big goals.
Flaws - Is still searching for consistency at the NHL level(he found it). At only 5-10, he struggles against the NHL's most physical defensemen.
Career potential - Second line center (change to first after breakthrough season).

Chris Clark:
NHL Seasons: 6
Stanley Cup Finals: 1

Ben Clymer:
NHL Seasons: NHL Seasons: 6
Stanley Cups: 1

Olie Kolzig:
NHL Seasons: 300
Stanley Cup Finals: 1

Brian Pothier:
NHL Seasons: 5
Eastern Conference Finals: 2

Donald Brashear:
NHL Seasons: 12
Career Playoff Games: 49

To Be Signed Veteran Defenseman

That's not a bad core of veterans....

Rob. said...

lets face it, Teddy is just keeping this team aflot, untill he can get his hands on what he really wants, THE WIZARDS!!!!

3 Grumpy Caps fans said...

I don't think that's the case at all. With Backstrom coming over, if the team makes a couple moves (probably packaging some of the draft picks they have in a trade as well as signing a free agent) they will be in contention. And by jettisoning Zubrus, they have established that the core of the team will be Ovechkin, Semin, and Backstrom. Not a bad group if you ask me.

Rob said...

this is stright from ted himself...Richard Zednik: We really like him as a player and appreciate all of his contributions to us during his two stints with the team. We traded for him with a third round pick. He played an injury-marred season for us this year so we dealt him for a second round pick and freed up his salary for next season. We will play some of our younger players now and look to replace him during the off season via trade or free agency...... FREE UP SALARY??? what the hell??? aren't was already 15 million under the cap??? don't get me wrong, Im' a Huge caps fan, went to my first game is 1976 when I was 7 and it gets so damm frustrating when we keep hearing about re-building, I am so sick of that, it's like ever 2 years we go thru that, and what do we hace to show for it??? ONE trip to the finals.... (by the way, I like your take on things)

3 Grumpy Caps fans said...

We too have been on the Caps train since it's enception (and there are pictures in the Post of my brother and I as toddlers to prove it!). I think the plan for the team is sound. The team needed to essentially start anew, and this next 2 year period will show how successful we've been at rebuilding. I happen to like the general makeup of the team though, as many have said, if the Caps don't go out and make at least two major acquisitions this offseason, they can and should be called out for lying to their fans.

My general feeling is that we'll be a lot happier after the playoffs are over and free agents start signing. The trade deadline is not a time to build a team, rather a chance to strengthen an already strong team.