Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Two for Tuesday is NOT just a rock radio format

Tonight, the Capitals take on the Bruins at the V, and once again, big daddy Ted is offering up 2 for 1 tickets for interested fans. Wait, you're a fan, and you look interested. Go get yourself some cheap tickets! And watch the left side of the ice when the Caps have the puck. I get the feeling we're in for something special tonight.

Why, you ask? Because the Russian Machine has no points in his last two games, and I don't think he's real pleased about it.

The only thing preventing an eruption tonight? Zdeno Chara. And while Chara definitely can't shop for suits off the rack at 6'9", there's no way he can stop Ovie now that he's 80 feet tall.

Also, we find out what flaws the B's saw in Juju Jurcina's game that made him trade bait. Should be interesting. If anyone knows how to best attack his side of the ice, it's going to be the Bruins. This will give us a better chance to evaluate his strengths and weaknesses more clearly.

Game time is 7 o'clock at the V. And please, no excuses about it being too cold outside to travel to the rink. It's hockey, for god's sake. The game is played ON ICE.

The subject of today's Black History Month spotlight is the late, great Ralph Wiley. Wiley was a sports journalist for Sports Illustrated, the Oakland Tribune, ESPN.com, as well as having works published in National Geographic, GQ and other magazines. If you have never read Wiley's work, I highly recommend both Serenity: a Boxing Memoir and Classic Wiley: A Lifetime of Punchers, Players, Punks & Prophets. His was a voice both prescient and learned, and he was one of the few authors whose writing evoked an emotional, visceral response.

Wiley died tragically of a heart attack in June of 2004. He is, and always will be, greatly missed.

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