Friday, February 16, 2007

A note to Glen and Ted

We like you Glen. Really, we do. But if you don't stop playing the trap, we're going to riot.


You have possibly the most gifted offensive player in the league, and one of the best dangler/snipers to boot. If you insist on hammering them into a system that 1) completely denigrates their talent and 2) makes the best offensive players in franchise history boring as hell to watch, we're going to have a problem. A big problem.

Now, if you don't mind, we have a few words for your boss, too.


We LOVE you. Really, we do. But if you support a coach, ANY coach who consistently plays the trap, you might as well lose our (credit card) numbers right now. You want to see what the trap does to to ticket sales? Take a look at the empty cavern they have over in New Jersey. And don't talk about the Cups the Devils have won. Look at the fans they've lost, and way their style of play has forced multiple "rule enforcement" changes to keep the league afloat and exciting.

See, Ted, we're hard core hockey fans here, born and raised. And even we won't come see a team that consistently plays the trap.

We're also hockey players here at Grumpy Caps Fans, Ted. We've played the trap. It stinks. We've played against the trap. It stinks. If you think you're going to attract top quality offensive free agents to a team playing the trap, you're sorely mistaken. NOBODY likes playing the trap. And given two contracts of equal value, only an idiot is going to choose to go to a team that plays it. The Capitals have historically had trouble signing marquee players. Do you really want to make it even harder for the team?

Yes, it can be necessary to fall into a shell to win a game when you have the lead late in the third period. But playing it for 3 periods will alienate players and, more important for an owner, new and old fans alike.

Thanks for your time.

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