Monday, July 2, 2007

Nylander back in the fold

The Capitals have just issued a press release announcing the return of center Michael Nylander, just signed to a 4 year deal. Contract dollars have not been disclosed.

Things are looking up in Capsland, boys and girls.

Let's go back and look at the offseason checklist for a second:

Top tier center - check (Nylander). Bonus points for adding a Swede to the roster to help Backstrom adjust to living in the US.
First pairing physical defensemen - still missing.
Power play specialist / top 4 defenseman - check (Poti).
Versatile mid-range center/righ winger - check (Kozlov).

Hopefully there will be enough crow to go around for all the folks that said the Caps wouldn't address the team's needs through free agency this summer. And it's only day 2. At this rate, we may have to change the name of this blog. Hot diggity.


Roger Padre said...

I am pleased. Nylander is a smart and skilled center. With the addition of Nylander, Kozlov and Poti, I am optimistic about the coming season. Nylander will be a good mentor for Backstrom, Kozlov will add another experienced Russian who can play center or right wing and help to keep Semin from being homesick. Poti will bring his close to 600 games of NHL experience and help lead the Caps relatively inexperienced young defensemen like Green, Schultz and Jurcina. Another center anyone? Who knows, maybe Dainus Zubrus is next?

the deuce said...

What, WHAAAAAAT?!! Did I just hear Original Six (posting under a strange spanish pseudonym) say he was OPTIMISTIC about the coming season?!!!STOP THE PRESSES! Actually, issue a press release! D, change the name of your article from "Nylander back in the fold to --This just in -- Original Grumpy Caps Fan No Longer Grumpy!" Also, you both owe me money for our new lower bowl weekend plan. Hey, somebody has to pay for Nylander's contract!

Anonymous said...

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