Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Laich it or not, Brooks re-signs

Brooks Laich has been signed to a one year deal with the Caps. Tarik reports that the deal is for 750k, which is an upgrade from the 606k he earned last year. Because the deal is a "one-way" contract, he will receive his full salary even if he is reassigned to Hershey.

While it doesn't seem like a whole lot (and certainly won't make or break the organization's cap numbers) it's important to remember that Laich probably will never be paid like a star. For fringe players like him, it's important that to secure as much money as he can while he can, since he doesn't have any type of guarantee that he'll be with the organization (or even the league) after his contract expires. I don't expect that the Caps will harbor any ill will over having to go to arbitration, and I sincerely doubt Brooks will have any issues with the amount he was awarded.

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Shmee said...

I feel like he meshed well on the checking line with Pettinger, especially at the end of the season. And it feel nice that the Caps have an excess of players, since we all know how hard injuries have been on this team.