Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Captain Clark a Capital through 2011

Per TSN, the Caps have signed team captain and all around good guy Chris Clark to an extension that will keep him with the team through 2011. Clark has been rock solid for the Caps, providing leadership, grit, and scoring (30g, 24a last year, a career best). Per Tarik, the extension averages 2.65 mil per season for the three years. Looks like Clarkie gave the team a significant hometown discount, in that he almost certainly would have demanded more on the open market should he have become a UFA. Yet another high class move by a high class guy.

It's also a good move by the Caps, locking up the hard nosed, power forward type winger to a solid deal before he would come up for free-agency next year.

I'm sure Original 6 is thrilled to have the Clarkson alum locked up. Old man, wear your alma mater's jersey with pride.

Now maybe it's time for the organization to turn its attention to getting the Caps other 30+ goal scorers under long term contract. You know... the ones that speak Russian.

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