Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quick notes on today's press conference

A couple quick items to report from today's press conference at Kettler:

1. The Caps are really, really high on Nick Backstrom. When McPhee was asked about how they evaluate a player's hockey sense, he specifically mentioned Backstrom as being at the top of the list in that regard.

2. There's no update on Eric Fehr's hip.

3. The Caps have a really nice training facility. I'm not sure it's enough to sway a free agent one way or another, but it's very well put together.

More later...

Ok, it's later.

McPhee's quote on Backstrom, when asked about evaluating player "hockey sense" in general - "He's as high as you get in that category."

On the possibility of trying to sign restricted free agents - "It's mostly a waste of time" as the offers are almost always matched.

On the scouting combine - "We check out the NHL body... is this a body that will hold up in the NHL." Other than that, the main purpose is to interview the players. Outside of that, there are "only a couple tests we like."

On evaluating smaller players on their ability to play in the NHL. "There's a saying around [the NHL]. If you're good enough, you're big enough."

That's pretty much it. There weren't a whole lot of amazing revelations, and I missed my chance to inquire (on behalf of the deuce) on the Caps stance on making the nets larger. Guess I'll have to put that one in the back pocket until after the draft and free agency kick off.

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