Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Last I checked

the new Capitals jersey unveiling was scheduled for Friday. Since everyone and their grandma has probably seen the newest supposed leak, I figured I'd repost my 3rd grade crayola inspired mockup. Because it's just as likely to be the real deal as the leak.


Shmee said...

I think I actually like yours better:)

the deuce said...

Why must I suffer the sacrilege of seeing the diving whiner in our colors. And why a white helmet? Did your crayola skills not extend to staying inside the helmet lines? Or were you going for that Team USA look? Finally, I like the new threads, if they really are the new threads. I'll be in line to plop down $350 bucks for one. You will too. Do you really think this is a hoax?

3 Grumpy Caps fans said...

I hope it is... too much red, the new "high tech" looking lettering is silly, and there's so much more that could have been. Imagine if they'd taken a standard eagle holding a shield crest motif, and put the three red stars from the DC flag on white at the top of the shield, divided by a bronze bar (a reference to the current jerseys) and then blue and white vertical stripes below. The jersey also could have had blue shoulder pads to break up all the red. You telling me that wouldn't look cool?

And if you wanted it done better, you should have done it yourself, since you have about 10x the artistic ability that I do.

Now get back to work on that column on the nets!