Thursday, May 10, 2007

USA ousted by Finland at World Championships

Team USA was defeated by Finland in a shootout after the two teams skated to a 4-4 draw during regulation and overtime.

If there's one thing the NHL does right, it's making sure Stanley Cup playoff games don't end this way. Using the shootout to decide a regular season or preliminary round game is fine. Using it to send a team packing from a knockout round? Not so much.

Then again, we beat the Finns when it mattered most.

It's hard to judge Team USA's performance (what with not getting to see the games and all), but I am a firm believer in their decision to use a youth filled roster at the World Championships. While we'll never forget the players that won the World Cup of Hockey (nee Canada Cup) in 1996, it was clear that those players' time had passed.

And if you think this whole post is just a reason for us to get in references to two of the top moments in USA Hockey history, you know us all too well.