Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Two Swedes for the price of... well.. two?

This from Big Bad Buccigross...

"The Rangers are always a favorite because New York likes stars and playing with Jaromir Jagr would be very satisfying. Plus, Forsberg could get big money from New York. Washington's cap room, Alexander Ovechkin and incoming Swede Nicklas Backstrom make the Capitals attractive. The Bruins have tried to sign Jeremy Roenick and Mike Modano in recent offseasons, so I guess you can never count them out. Would he return to Philadelphia? The Flyers offered him a very nice contract before they traded him, so I don't think much has changed there; but the Flyers are probably better off going in another direction."

I think it's safe to say we'd take Forsberg for the right price, both for his on ice play and to tutor young Nicklas Backstrom on and off the ice. Such a move would be risky, as Forsberg has been injury prone in the latter part of his career, and he will likely command a VERY high salary. I also doubt that Forsberg fits the Caps long-term roster plans, as he is 34 years old. That said, it would be silly if the Caps didn't at least check and see what he's asking (as I'm sure they will).