Monday, September 15, 2008

Ankle injury redux: Backstrom

Unfortunately, it looks like the Caps will once again have to deal with a marquee player injured before the start of the season. Tarik has reported that, like Alex Semin last year, Nicklas Backstrom has sprained his ankle. The injury may cause Backstrom to miss the beginning of training camp.

Unlike Semin, Backstrom was injured before the start of the season so it's likely they'll keep him out of workouts until the injury has more time to heal. Missing a couple weeks of camp and possibly a couple preseason games certainly won't help Backstrom get his fitness level up for the season, but after last year we all know it's better safe than sorry with ankle problems.

Expect the team to ease Backstrom along slowly, and for him to be ready for the start of the season. If he's limited in workouts, it may be a few games into the season before he hits his stride, but given the Caps depth at center they have the ability to keep his minutes in check until he is fully recovered and fit.


Bob said...

He is NOT limping today, so I tend to think it is much less serious than Semin last year. Back on the ice next week I bet.

3 Grumpy Caps fans said...

I'm optimistic, but I still think the team would be well served having him sit at least the first couple workout sessions to rest the injury. Ankle injuries always give me the heebie jeebies (probably since I've had a couple bad ones myself).

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