Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Unbalanced no more

Per the hockey news, it looks like the NHL has finally come to its senses and will scrap the unbalanced schedule after this year.

Seeing as the Caps are in the Southeast and play a ridiculous number of games against Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa, and Florida, this can't happen fast enough. Despite having won 2 of the last 4 cups, it's plain to see that these teams don't attract the same number of fans to the arena, nor do they inspire the same passions in local fans as games against teams from the old Patrick Division (that's the Islanders, Penguins, Rangers, Flyers, Devils and Caps, for those of you coming late to the game).

It was fun seeing the Caps beat up on the worst teams in hockey for a couple years after realignment, but we'll be much happier for the chance to measure the team against some of the stronger Western Conference teams more than once a year.

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